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A+ Quality Designs: A Trusted Full-Service Suffolk County Home Improvement Contractor

What separates A+ Quality Designs from all of the other Islip Terrace, NY home remodeling and renovation companies? The truth is, there’s a lot that makes us stand out from the crowd. As a full-scale home improvement contractor, we provide every service needed to transform Suffolk County homes from top to bottom, inside and out – all under one roof.

With more than 25 years of experience under our belts, our highly trained and extremely skilled contractors are experts at their craft. We have the knowledge and expertise that is necessary to provide exceptional quality remodeling and renovation results, from design to completion. We are hailed as one of the most reputable contractors, and that’s something we’re very proud of. When A+ Quality Designs is on the job, you can be sure that you will receive A+ quality results.

Experience the A+ Quality Difference

There are a lot of home improvement contracting companies in Islip Terrace, NY, but none of them offer the same level of expertise, attention to detail, and commitment that our crew provides. We are committed to building strong, lasting relationships with our clients, and we strive to do more than just meet their needs; we aim to exceed them.

Our professional and talented crew specializes in developing the most comprehensive solutions for all home renovation and remodeling projects, no matter the scope or the size. We will work with you every step of the way and make sure that you are fully involved in the process of your home’s redesign. At A+ Quality Designs, we understand that the only way to turn your house into your dream home is by ensuring you are an integral part of the entire project, from design to completion. You’ll have the opportunity to share your vision, and our expert staff will turn that dream into a reality.

Our team will draft a design that incorporates all of your wants and needs, and will make sure that they have your stamp of approval before construction begins. You’ll accompany us in the material selection to ensure that all finishes and appliances that are featured in your home improvement project suit your unique taste and needs. You’ll also have the opportunity to assess our progress throughout construction. If at any time, you have any concerns or you would like to make any changes, you are encouraged to let us know. We’ll gladly make adjustments to your renovation or remodel – even at the last minute – to ensure that the finished product meets your expectations. No other Suffolk County home improvement company offers the same level of customer interaction as A+ Quality Designs. What’s more, you’ll receive the utmost courtesy and respect throughout the process.

Our A+ Quality Services

As it says right in our name, at A+ Quality Designs, we offer A+ quality services. We specialize in all forms of home renovation and remodeling services, including:

  • Kitchen remodels. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you and your loved ones gather to share meals and make memories to last a lifetime. When space is designed by our contractors, you can be sure that those meals and memories will really shine.
  • Bathroom renovations. The bathroom is one of the most frequented spaces in a house. It’s where you start and end each day; it’s a space that visitors use, too. If your bathroom is old, outdated, and non-functional; if it makes you feel stressed and embarrassed instead of relaxed and proud, our team of contractors will completely overhaul it and turn the space into a room that you will truly enjoy; a place of respite and total relaxation.
  • Home additions. Is your family growing? Do you just need a little more space to spread out? Have you always dreamed of having a great room, a craft room, or a man cave? The contractors at A+ Quality Designs can add more square footage onto your home by adding another room or an entirely new floor. The addition will tie in seamlessly with the rest of the design of your home and look like it’s always been there.
  • Basement finishing. Turn that dark, dank bathroom that’s doing nothing more than collecting boxes and dust bunnies into one of your favorite parts of the home. Bedroom, game room, media room, library, gym, or spa; we can turn the lowest level of your home into any space you can imagine with our full and partial basement finishing services.
  • Outdoor living. Ever wish that you could just get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life without having to travel very far? A+ Quality Designs can completely transform your yard into a luxurious hideaway; a haven where you can sit back, relax and unwind whenever you want. From patios and decks to kitchens and fireplaces, we’ll turn your backyard or side yard into space where you can enjoy outdoor living to the fullest.
  • Interior and exterior redesigns. We can turn your lackluster curb appeal into a brilliant design that will make your home the best looking house on the black. Our contractors can also update the interior design of your home so that it speaks to your individual taste and style.

Our A+ quality services are the reason why A+ Quality Designs is regarded as one of the most reputable Suffolk County home improvement contractors. No matter what type of home improvement project you’re interested in, you can have confidence knowing that the end result will be extraordinary.

Your Dream Home is Just a Phone Call Away!

If you’re interested in improving the design and function of your Islip Terrace, NY home, contact A+ Quality Designs. Just a single phone call is all you need to do to start the transformation process. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, please call 631-676-6333 today!