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What do I do with my basement?

The basement is one of the greatest assets that your home has. Upgrading your basement is a great investment for your home that you can benefit from the long term. Suffolk County home improvement can allow you to earn extra money on the side or add useable space within your home. Turning your basement into an apartment gives you a steady amount of extra money coming in at no extra cost or effort to you. If you want to use it for yourself and your family, you’re able to make it a TV room, or a game room. However you want to improve your basement is up to you and your family, but it will be worth it in the end.

Having a basement gives you options as to what you may want to do with extra space in your home. Your basement can offer a variety of benefits for you and your family, whether it’s monetary, recreational or structural. Investing in your basement is a Suffolk County home renovation that can greatly benefit you and your loved ones.

One of the most common uses people have for their basements is to turn them into a spare bedroom. It’s a refreshing way to host out of towners and offer them (and yourself) privacy when they come to visit. An extra bedroom is always great to have available, because your own life is not disrupted by a temporary visitor. Having an extra bedroom gives you options. Depending on what route you choose to go, see if converting your basement into a room is the better choice for you and your family. Depending on where you live, you may have frequent visitors; from your college roommate and their spouse to family members that are visiting from out of town. Using the spare bedroom gives them an opportunity to save money during their visit, and gives you a chance to catch up in your own home; a comfortable setting.

Taking that spare room and monetizing off of it is also a great use of your basement space.

Using your basement space and converting it into an apartment is a great use of your space as well as a great way to make a little extra money on the side with no extra work on your part. Find a tenant and voilà you have residual income all because you have the extra space. Using the extra room for extra money can easily benefit you and your family. You’re able to save a little easier. If there’s a financial emergency, you’re able to tap into your funds from the extra that you made off of your tenant.

Another benefit of Suffolk County basement remodeling is that you get a great return on your investment. When you’re ready to sell your home, the basement alone can increase the overall value of your home. On average, a finished basement can give you a return of 70-75%.

Are your kids older and not hanging out at home as much? Maybe you can convert your basement into a hangout spot for your kids and their friends. It’s safe, you know where everyone is, and there’s tons of supervision. Having a finished basement can give you (and other parents) a feeling of safety when you all know where your kids are. Turning your basement into the hangout spot is a great way to entertain and keep an eye on your kids at the same time. It’s safe and it’s fun. If you don’t have kids in your home, a finished basement can offer the same benefits, but a little more adult-friendly. It can be the entertainment spot for you and your friends. Add a bar, a tv, and it’s a good time with good vibes.

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